Thursday, June 10, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Death Streaks :(

There’s a whole lot of Killstreak rewards available for people that rock at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, you can even get a Nuke if you are good enough! But what about those of us that suck? Well you get rewarded when you die multiple times without getting a kill in the form of Deathstreak Rewards. Here are the Deathstreak Rewards you have to chose from.

3 Deaths
Steal the class of your last killer for next your life

4 Deaths
Health boost for a limited time for your next life

4 Deaths
Drop a live grenade on your next death

Final Stand
4 Deaths
Same as Last Stand but you can use primary weapon, equipment, crawl and come back to life if you stay alive long enough


RESURGENCE Map Pack Review

Two months later, Infinity Ward (what's left of it at least) has released another map pack for Modern Warfare 2. As with the first pack, you'll be given a total of five maps, three new and two re-releases. The three new maps are entitled Fuel, Carnival and Trailer Park and if you've played Call of Duty 4, you'll recognize Vacant and Strike. In addition to the maps being released, it was also double XP weekend.

As you may already know the map pack itself costs $15. Rasing the price of the maps from the original $10 is a crie for help from infinity ward. With that said infinity ward is obviusly losing revenue and anonymously decided to make the price of the upcoming maps $15.
Cost complaints aside, how do the maps stack up?
Fuel - Initially billed as a sniper map with wide open spaces, every match I've played on this map has been concentrated on two large buildings in the center of the map with only a handful of snipers through multiple playthroughs. If your team controls the building directly across from building number 3, the large warehouse type building, you can easily win matches. Set up shop with some claymores and Scavenger, you'll build your killstreak in no time. Easily the best and biggest of the newest maps, it doesn't feel as chaotic or claustrophobic, but not too large that you don't see people for long stretches at a time.

Carnival - This old amusement park is a medium sized map with plenty of vantage points that will let you see most of the battlefield at a time. Much of the action is centered around a funhouse and broken roller coaster. There are some choke points that will find you getting shot from above if you aren't careful. For a map this size, it seems like you're in the open an awful lot and must constantly watch your back as there are multiple access points to many of the closed areas. Score

Trailer Park - As the name implies, this is a rundown trailer park that feels like it should be a paintball arena. The pacing is as breakneck as the map is small. Expect quick matches with bullets flying everywhere while enemies await you around what feels like every single corner and hallway. Don't expect to snipe much as line of sight is very limited. My least favorite of the new maps as it can be difficult to put solid kill streaks together.

Vacant - What Infinity Ward billed as a fan favorite from CoD4 is back with some minor adjustments. Depending on your play type, the grate near the initial spawn side of the empty office area for the Spetsnaz may or may not be there. Other than that, the map is largely unchanged. I'm not sure why this was up for a remake as many of my experiences with CoD4 ended with this map being skipped. For some reason, it seemed that the community at large had a sour taste for this map. If your enjoyed it before, you'll enjoy it again.

Strike - The second of the urban maps to be re-released, Strike features larger road spaces and buildings to patrol. Controlling the statue area of this map, much like Fuel, is critical. It features no discernable differences from its predecessor. Strike stands as one of my favorite maps from CoD4, it's great to see it back in rotation.

Overall, this pack felt more put together and polished than the Stimulus Pack. Assuming there will be a third pack before Black Ops is released, I'd really like to see Backlot, Crossfire, Downpour or Broadcast remade. If anything, it'd be great if there were an update that brought some of the old guns back into MW2, G3 or G36 in particular. However, an update of that nature would need to be free for all and would obviously be wishful thinking. If you have a spare 1200 Microsoft Points and you're looking for a reason to pick up MW2 again, you could do a lot worse than the Resurgence Map Pack.

Stimulous Map Pack for MW2 :)

Salvage, Crash, Storm and Bailout. Salvage, Storm, and Bailout are the new maps. Crash and Overgrown are the throwbacks.

The Modern Warfare 2 Package can be purchased for $15 or 1,200 Microsoft points.
The Modern Warfare 2 Package Release time is March 30, 2010 for the Xbox 360 console
. Those who want to purchase the Package for Playstation 3
or for their computers have to waiting a full month until it is available on April 30, 2010. This is because Microsoft bough 1 month exclusivity rights for the Package.
XBOX Live editor Daniel Maher said the The Modern Warfare 2 Package Release time is between 12 pm UTC and 5 pm UTC..

After playing these maps i personally think that all of the maps are just a big camp site for CAMPERS! Other than that they are all good looking maps with plenty of surprises waiting to be revealed! I want to hear reviews from others who have played these maps so far. Please comment!

The Best Weapon and Perk Setup for Modern Warfre 2!

Even though COD MW2 has been out for aobut 7 months now i have finally found my best setup for my weapons and perks. If you have been playing this game nonstop then you will probably apreciate this.

We’d like to know what your favorite weapon and perk setup is at the moment. I have to admit, I’m pretty addicted to MW2 at the moment, so i’ll let you in on my current set up.

I have a M16 Rifle, using the Bling Perk with Red-Dot sight and silencer. Then with the other two Perks I have Stopping Power and Ninja.
I also carry a rocket launcher as my Secondary, as I seem to be the only one whos willing to take out choppas and UAVs.
Do you think you have a better setup? List your favourite Weapon and Perk setup below.

Making the Tactical Nuke Look Easy!

Are you hankering after that 25-hit wonder, the Tactical Nuke? Want to see your enemies being vaporized in the atomic fire? Is it proving too difficult to get all the way to ten, let alone to twenty-five? Well friends, help is here. With this guide, you stand an excellent chance of getting the Nuke after all!

First, pick your game-mode. You're not going to get the Nuke in Search and Destroy, are you? It makes the most sense to pick Ground War, because then you've got a lot more targets to kill. You have the chance to get triple kills, camp the spawn, or deploy a perfect grenade. So, open up that Ground War playlist!In Ground War, there are two modes though, right? There’s Team Deathmatch and Domination. I tend to find Domination makes it much easier to get the Nuke. Players tend to cluster together going for objectives, making them easier to kill, and you don't run the risk of killing too many people and the match ending before you've got the Nuke.So wait until you're on Domination to really go for it. Now, what maps are best? Well, anything with a bit of space to hide. That means Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, Rundown and Underpass are your best bets. It's certainly possible on other maps, but it's probably easiest on these.Now, what sort of kit are you going to use? Well, obviously you'll have to play to your strengths. If you're a great sniper, then a sniper rifle and a handgun seem good bets, otherwise a long range assault rifle like the M16 or ACR will do. Generally, you'll want to construct quite a stealthy kit, as this strategy relies on hiding for a fair amount.That means silencers on your primary and secondary weapons, probably Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro as perks. You may find yourself running out of ammo, so it may be worthwhile to select Scavenger Pro as your last perk. Otherwise, Sleight of Hand Pro is always useful, particularly for long-range engagements.

Thats it for the weapons and perks. From here on out it is all about scoring on the killstreaks. Thats right chopper gunner, good day. If used correctly than it will provide somewhere between 9-15 kills, this is definetly the back bone of the Nuke.

So now that you've picked a decent set of kill streak rewards, you can actually play the game. Generally, you'll want to play normally (take risks, go for the flank, etc.) until you reach a good amount of kills - say, four or five. Then, get careful. Get campy. Pick off stragglers, move slowly, and hide in the grass. Don't try risky maneuvers, instead just focus on remaining undetected and alive. When you hit that magical number for your first killstreak, get into some cover. Call in your Harrier, Chopper, or Pave Low, and lay low while it gets you the kills you need. Don't move unnecessarily, and keep a look-out. If you're playing with friends, ask them to fight elsewhere so they don't bring the fight to your doorstep.