Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making the Tactical Nuke Look Easy!

Are you hankering after that 25-hit wonder, the Tactical Nuke? Want to see your enemies being vaporized in the atomic fire? Is it proving too difficult to get all the way to ten, let alone to twenty-five? Well friends, help is here. With this guide, you stand an excellent chance of getting the Nuke after all!

First, pick your game-mode. You're not going to get the Nuke in Search and Destroy, are you? It makes the most sense to pick Ground War, because then you've got a lot more targets to kill. You have the chance to get triple kills, camp the spawn, or deploy a perfect grenade. So, open up that Ground War playlist!In Ground War, there are two modes though, right? There’s Team Deathmatch and Domination. I tend to find Domination makes it much easier to get the Nuke. Players tend to cluster together going for objectives, making them easier to kill, and you don't run the risk of killing too many people and the match ending before you've got the Nuke.So wait until you're on Domination to really go for it. Now, what maps are best? Well, anything with a bit of space to hide. That means Invasion, Karachi, Skidrow, Rundown and Underpass are your best bets. It's certainly possible on other maps, but it's probably easiest on these.Now, what sort of kit are you going to use? Well, obviously you'll have to play to your strengths. If you're a great sniper, then a sniper rifle and a handgun seem good bets, otherwise a long range assault rifle like the M16 or ACR will do. Generally, you'll want to construct quite a stealthy kit, as this strategy relies on hiding for a fair amount.That means silencers on your primary and secondary weapons, probably Cold Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro as perks. You may find yourself running out of ammo, so it may be worthwhile to select Scavenger Pro as your last perk. Otherwise, Sleight of Hand Pro is always useful, particularly for long-range engagements.

Thats it for the weapons and perks. From here on out it is all about scoring on the killstreaks. Thats right chopper gunner, good day. If used correctly than it will provide somewhere between 9-15 kills, this is definetly the back bone of the Nuke.

So now that you've picked a decent set of kill streak rewards, you can actually play the game. Generally, you'll want to play normally (take risks, go for the flank, etc.) until you reach a good amount of kills - say, four or five. Then, get careful. Get campy. Pick off stragglers, move slowly, and hide in the grass. Don't try risky maneuvers, instead just focus on remaining undetected and alive. When you hit that magical number for your first killstreak, get into some cover. Call in your Harrier, Chopper, or Pave Low, and lay low while it gets you the kills you need. Don't move unnecessarily, and keep a look-out. If you're playing with friends, ask them to fight elsewhere so they don't bring the fight to your doorstep.


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